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Update the Millwork in Your Home!

Are you looking to give your home a facelift? Millwork is the perfect way to elevate the aesthetic of any space — new or old. Whether it’s crown molding, paneling, mantles, or anything else millwork related, there are endless possibilities for modernizing and transforming your interior design.


We spoke with partners Trademark Wood Products on several key questions to consider when updating your home’s millwork!


Q) What questions should you ask yourself when considering updating your home’s millwork?

A) One question would be, do you want to match the existing (if any) trim in the house. And of course, the age-old question, will it add any value?


Q) What wood options are commonly available?

A) Paint-grade wood is mostly poplar or soft maple. Alder, white, and red aak are common. It all depends on if you prefer painted or stained.


Q) Do the wood options change when considering box beams, mantels, baseboards, paneling, etc.?

A) Beams, yes. Painted beams are typically poplar material or there is pine available for stained, such as Forever Barnwood beams. Mantles might be maple, even oak. It’s all a matter of preference.


Q) What type of finishes could you use and why?

A) There is acrylic paint finishes and stain finish. Again preference of color or to see the grain in a nice piece of wood.


Q) What type of millwork is trending in people’s homes for 2023?

A) Wider casing is trending, with more square contemporary trim and casing.


Q) Why should someone consider Trademark Wood Products for their home’s millwork? What separates you from your competitors?

A) We only use solid wood for our products which make quality trim, sharp knives and a crafted molder operator means no chatter and a smooth finish. We deliver in a timely fashion; we also offer a large selection of profiles to match any existing trim or newer look.


Q) Is Trademark Wood Products available to the public for DIY projects?

A) Yes, our new location is open to the public and any DIY enthusiasts.


Updating the millwork in your home is a great way to give it an upgraded and modern look. Unsure which species of wood matches your specific aesthetic? Consult with experts who specialize in wood finishes at Trademark Wood Products. Their experienced consultants can help you decide which type of finish not only fits within your budget but also enhances the natural beauty of each room. Let Trademark Wood Products be your one-stop shop for all your millwork needs. Have further questions about millwork? Call Trademark Wood Products today!




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